Monday, 9 November 2009

My Last Mercury Retrograde diary

Week of Monday 7th Sept-
the day Mercury went retrograde-

I arrive home in Cornwall, realizing I left my phone charger at work- in London.
The internet coverage goes down twice this week.
An old friend contacts me via email for the first time in years to say he wants to come & visit me (typical Mercury Retrograde)
Some things are becoming clear already.

Mercury sometimes goes into Storm either side of the retrograde (when it appears to speed up & become chaotic for a few days either side of the retrograde) or sometimes it goes stationary.
The storm certainly made itself apparent in my life last week when a Virgo left my home after a short visit & my home completely chaotic with it. Home BEcame a place of delays, mis-communications & general stress, everything we thought was past was now right back in our faces.

Communications with relationships around us completely broke down & affected my husband & I so much more than normal that we wondered if we should even be living in Cornwall, these are two issues that we felt were firmly in the past & we were shocked to the core that we found ourselves right back there at a click of Mercury's fingers.

Not knowing where we should go or what to do for the best, we asked for guidance.
The next day communications around us clicked back into the present day, as if nothing ever happened at all. At another click of Mercury's fingers.

We had received guidance on maybe moving to Totnes, so went there: it rained & rained & rained,& rained, the skies were grey & the rinses were blue, with the odd new age hippy & shop that looked like they had landed like Dorothy's house from the Wizard of Oz (strangely out of place).
“The Eco-Euto
pia of Elite Hippidom” was not what I was seeing. (In defence of Totnes I am sure it I just wasn't shown it because I wasn't meant to be there.) I was also shown no cultural diversity (which is a big one for us & part of why we wondering where to be). Compared to my experience of Totnes, where we live right down in the toe of Cornwall has more beauty, spirit & culture (in other words there is more culture in my big toe!) & my visit to Totnes made me see it a lot stronger, especially as when we arrived back into Cornwall the sun was shining down on the sandy beaches & palm trees & it seemed like god had made every culturally diverse person take to the streets, it was strangely exaggarated, like it could have been almost Jamaica! This “Jamaica effect” lasted a few days- A bit like a very good trip!

Conversations with friends down here, kept saying why don't you just move out of Madron to somewhere else down here instead of moving all the way back to London? (Before I had told them we were considering that option too). We had been definitely been wanting to move from Madron, that was for sure. As much as we loved our rented listed building from the seventeen hundreds it was right next door to a pub, usually people say “great!” when they hear that, but try living there! It's been closed down a few times, but each time it re-opens it does so with avengence.

We had strong signs to move to Madron when we moved here. Very strong. From the stone circle on my calender happening to be the one in Madron for the month we moved there! (not that I noticed until the very last day of the month when I went to turn the page!) to the fact that it was called “Madron” & my second name was Ronald & most people think I am mad! There is also a well here for healing & divination (my work) & the postcode was made up of mine & my partners initials & numerological data- however it was also the numerological data for 2008.
It is now 2009 & getting married means my name is no longer Ronald,( perhaps maybe I am no longer mad either! Well, that leaves a lot to be proved!)
So the signs are just as strong that it is now time to move on...

There's been a lot going on for a fellow psychic friend of mine about the number nine around this time but not directly linked to me, except that nine is a number of an old cycle & one is the beginning of a new & today we found our new home. A number one!
This day we had five prospective homes to see & we only saw one-

*The Old Bakery on Bread St was so old the key wouldn't work.
*The next one's address was "Beggars Roost, Eg-los Lane" after comparison with the abundance of the Bread St address we felt it was best not to bother!( Another exaggaration the universe was clearly guiding us with)
*There were three properties in Mousehole left to see. First one came through an acquaintance of our beautiful Buddhist next door neighbours, but was too out of our price range so we didn't see that,
*the second one went just before we left to view it.

Leaving us with one property- I wasn't too sure of because the piccies on the net weren't great... I asked the pendulum if this was the one & it went mad for yes, so I kept an open mind as we walked up a beautiful little quirky lane full of little Cornish galleries in the picturesque fishing village of Mousehole.

* We passed the very house that came through the recommendation of our beautiful Buddhist neighbours & stopped right outside a house with a gallery in the basement.

*At the door a plaque overhung saying "Janie's Cottage" & my step-daughter says "Look, it's named after you!" (Jane is my middle name).

*The door has a cat flap in which is also a big bonus for us as we have two cats & trying to find a landlord that will take pets is like trying to find a needle in a haystack & just in case we need any more confirmation that the landlord is okay with pets a beautiful spaniel bounds up to us to welcome us as we enter..I am not a dog person! But out of all the dogs I do love Spaniels & there I am loving this dog that's jumped up on me & licking me to death so much that I almost ask if he comes with the house.

*As we walk in the kitchen we see a cooker called "Elba". We have just come back from our honeymoon in "Elba" we look & smile at each other & say to the agent we want to take it before we had seen the whole thing, she must have just thought we meant the cooker!

Upstairs we find three bedrooms, one for us, one for the teenager & one just as important therapy room! Hooray! The teenager is happy, & I am happy twice, three times over- so husband/dad is over the moon!
For the therapy room & the sea view over the harbour out of our bedroom window. The house is old & quaint but feels fresh & light, & is much more beautiful than it looked on the net, the perfect feel for a real home & just in case we needed any more clarification:

*The people after us never turned up to view it

*Our new next door neighbour is the village Witch! Now very much in her Crone years, she has written a book about her life, (I am in the process of that & feel I may have a lot to learn from her in all her crafts) As I leave I see her looking through her window that drips so heavy with crystals it rivals Mysteries. I smile at her, silently trying to build a rapport, she gives me the stereotypical Crone smile that makes me wonder if it was a smile or a scowl! I chuckle to myself of the irony. Right now we live next door to a 92 year old lady who is a devout christian & the character of the village!

*Our other neighbours are culturally diverse! Hooray!

*Our beautiful Buddhist neighbours happen to be moving to Mousehole the same time as us!

*I get a text from a London friend saying she has been in Mousehole every weekend since our wedding as she met a guy who lives there!

We asked for guidance & we were taken by the hand & led very clearly up the garden path - But this time to a beautiful destination that was like finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow- especially as it is £100 cheaper than where we are now!

So what did that tell me? That all the depression, anxiety, & stress of the week before was needless. That it was an illusionary glitch in the Matrix, that our emotions can throw us around, all for no reason...Or that Mercury can too, at the click of its fingers. Well, it is known as the trickster. But not for just tricking sake, Mercury is the messenger, there is always a message somewhere.

So what else did I learn? I learnt that I am really happy with my lifestyle, & how quickly things can change, & so grateful that it didn't turn to s*** but turned to gold..

So there I am feeling so great, like what's the point of ever letting anything get you down & then at another click of Mercury's fingers I am like a mad woman on the streets! Everything gets to me! EVERYTHING! Tolerance? Patience? What's that!
My new husband & have a little Tiff on the street in broad daylight, we never argue!- even at home, the closest we get is saying that the other needs to watch Gandhi or practice Reiki! & here we were making a spectacle of ourselves on the street! All because big Tiff has no tolerance, literally zilch!

I left Cornwall after a week of totally mish mashed communication that got worse & worse at every attempt to fix it so I gave up as my time headed towards the time of the week where I have to leave for London. Strangely enough, it allowed the silence to settle the mixture, but I was still not right.
I arrive in London & go to my usual Five Rhythms class which I always love, but today I can't tolerate it & I rebelliously & disgracefully walk out halfway through.

I go to work & i'm fully booked but my breaks & my bookings are messed up!-Seems like work isn't immune to Mercury's tricks either. Someone put R next to some of my bookings & no-one knew whether that meant Reiki or Readings! Unfortunately it meant Reiki & the healing room wasn't ready. I put my head down, concentrated on breathing & asked for the spirituality to breeze through the day...It works, all the time i'm working i'm in the zone, the minute there's a break... I'm out of it!...
It was my first week of weight watchers (starting new habits- the Virgo thing!) & did I have enough time to work out the points in the food in the shop & then eat it? No!
By 10pm at night I am released feeling like an undernourished convict that just wants to desperately get back home & have a crumpet or two as they know the points in that!
How long do I wait for the bus? Forty five minutes!!!!!! In London! Forty five minutes!!! I never heard of such a thing!!!
I turn into the mad person in the street again, pacing up & down, huffing, puffing, auditioning for the next Victor Meldrew. I try to get on with love & light as it arrives but end up slapping my Oyster on the reader & oozing silent anger at the poor old driver. Sitting upstairs I keep saying to myself that I must be grateful that it eventually came like it's my new mantra & if I say it enough I will eventually feel it. When I get back to my friend's just in time for a midnight snack I pick an angel card, on it there is a picture of an incredibly busy angel & the word on it says “Willingness!” I know, I know!!

I get up the next morning feeling good. I have decided I will buy some Branflakes on my way to work, that will sort out the problem I had yesterday. The bus comes quick, maybe it is trying to make up for yesterday I think with a smile.
The bus kicks me off before its advertised destination, leaving me with my very heavily packed bag in the middle of theatre-land, probably the one place in London there is no bloody supermarkets!
I feel as if I am Jesus bearing my heavy cross (bag) looking for the Holy Grail (my branflakes) in a place I know there are none, but there is loads everywhere else around me but my cross (bag) is too heavy to make it (except I am not doing Jesus much justice here, I am definitely being the martyr & not the saviour!!). Hang on! I think, there is one supermarket on the way to work M&S! Martyr & Saviour! I finally arrive & go to the cereal section.
Flakes- With Chocolate!
Flakes- With Coconut!
Flakes- with Icing!
Flakes- With Avocado!
Once again I turn into the mad person kneeling on the floor of M&S first in denial saying nooooooo! Over & over again & then launching into an out loud attack on Martyr & Saviour about why does it have to be so bloody ponsey!!!!!!! Why can't it just sell simple old Branflakes for god's sake!

It is safe to say I am struggling with the Reiki principle-
“Do not Anger”

I go to work. I'm fully booked again, but I am truly willing & able to put behind me the ponsey flakes & it's all okay! I am back in the zone!
So in the zone in fact that when a client comes to me for an hour reading he does not realize that actually he is giving me the reading! After he left I had all the information about how to get your book published I could ever need, down to what publishers are wanting what & the agents that go with it- One of them happens to be called “Jane” & just happens to live in London & my area of Cornwall too! This came to my attention because he wanted to know what was the best address to send his book to. London or Cornwall!

I get back to Cornwall, with my charger & can't believe how much has happened in such a short space in time..

I feel better now. I feel much lighter, maybe being without your charger is actually quite symbolic these days.(Being without charge, being over-charged, under-charged or just plain charged!)

On the psychic side, there has been a lot going on with trees & the name Jane. (Beside the fact i'm moving to Janie's cottage!)
In the first week my psychic friend has been experiencing synchronictiy with the number nine (& who I have been experiencing synchronicity with regarding Egypt & Aliester Crowley) has a very strong dream about me moving a dead weighted plant, they couldn't see in the dream what the plant was & this was bugging them as they felt the dream had a very strong message. We wonder if it's a Bay tree or a Palm tree as a Bay tree would represent my daughter in the spirit world & the Palm tree would representthemselves as one of their names means Palm.
On the second week a lady I work with in Cornwall who I am also having strong connections with regarding Aliester Crowley & Egypt who has a hyphenated name of which the last one is “Jane” comes round to mine & comments on the very sorry looking Bonsai, I agree & speak to my husband about it before bed.

I wake up at about three in the morning after having a very powerful dream involving psychic friend. So powerful that when I awake I realize I have been crying in my sleep. I then hear my husband who is totally asleep say “What tree do you want me to plant?”
“ err Bonsai?” I say, trying to take in what the magnanimity of what he has just said in his sleep...
“No, no,” he says, “it's much bigger than that”
This is Interesting, I think to myself. (My husband has his Moon in his first astrological house which makes him very psychic- particularly at night & this is not the first time he has been uncanny in his sleep.)
“Palm?” I say
“mmm, yeah, maybe” he says
“mmm, don't know”
“Palm?” I say once more
“Yes! It's definitely the Palm!” he says with definite certainty.
I tell my friend. She says it sounds like she is now getting communication through from my husband- I say most probably as he has a link with Egypt too.
She says:
“Yes but Tiffany, you do too! You definitely have had a past life there”

Last time this friend said I had a connection (That time to Aliester Crowley) a whole heap of information came flooding through, so here we go again I think to myself!
At the time my husband is in Cornwall talking about me to some people in Cornwall, they ask if I'm from England. He says that I am but that people think I am Mediterranean or Egyptian. They ask if I look like I am, he says “no! She's lighter than me!” So they ask why people think that & he says that I am just weird!
I go to work in Cornwall with ****-Jane. I find out that she also has a strong link with Aliester Crowley through her father just like me & that her grandparents owned the Egyptian House in Penzance where Crowley used to do some of his magical works.
She then tells me she had a dream about me that she says was not a dream- “if you know what I mean.” She says. She tells me I was a very large grey cat incarcerated inside a Sphinx that had its arms outstretched flat & its mouth wide open & to the left was a Pyramid. When she told her mum her mum said there is a Sphnyx like that with a Pyramid to the left & there is apparently a body of a high woman supposedly buried underneath it, but no-one has ever dared to excavate.
It turns out I had the answer from Richard about a “Palm” the same night that ****-Jane had this dream. “What Plant do you want me to plant?” my husband's words ring through my head as well as the words “You were dragging a big heavy plant in a blue pot” from my psychic friend.
A lady walks in to make a booking to see me for Tarot later that day, she makes it with ****-Jane, so ****-Jane asks her her name & she replies ****-Jane! Me too! ****-Jane says!
When I go into read for ****-Jane there is a blue pot on the table with a note attached to it saying “Hold for Jane until 20th”
Hmmm, the p(l)ot thickens!...

I get on the train & look over to left- someone is reading a book called “Zennor in darkness” & this holds my attention so much I want to ask her if I can see her pages & as I think that she places a paper inside & the only word I see in big letters says “HELL.”
Oh boy! Here we go again! I think to myself....
(For those of you don't understand the importance & relevance of the above happening you can catch up by going back to the April blog “A walk on the dark side” & reading on from there

This Friday I teach Tarot & I overheard one of my students saying at the beginning of class that she had had a really strong dream this week about cutting down a Pine tree, she said it was so strong “It wasn't like a dream” & she wondered what it meant. This was just before we went into meditation- the meditation we we did just happened to be all about trees! We went to the mind tree, the body tree, the spirit tree, the home tree, the family tree, the friend tree, the love tree, the health tree, the work tree..

The trees & “Jane” thing is a relatively new development that I believe is linked to it all somehow & I am sure all will become clearer as we move into “Janie's Cottage” in the beautifully characteristic Mousehole right next to the neighbourhood wise woman whose Hawthorn Tree guards & dominates our very entrance... I am sure this is no mistake but I know the message is not clear yet.....
So what messages has Mercury had for you? Do you know?
Wishing you much clarity
Till next time
Beautiful branches of blessings to you

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